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rocky chat 2014 has begun.

we start august 19th.


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If Nintendo thinks I’m buying a whole new console just so I can play Fatal Frame V, they know me too well.

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Fatal Frame: Black Haired Shrine Maiden - Screens

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*wakes up at 9* nice

*immediately falls asleep, wakes up at noon* less nice

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I love Rob Zombie’s remakes of Halloween but I hate how Loomis is portrayed, mainly in Halloween II. He’s so greedy and arrogant and I feel like he doesn’t care about Michael at all.”


I am a historian and this is how it happened.

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-"The perfect place to die." - Wataru Tsurumui

Looking around the web I’m glad that I’m not the only one who thinks that Zero/Fatal Frame V’s setting Hikamiyama is eagerly similar to Aokigahara (Sea of Trees, Forest of Suicide). I was like “holy mountain - check- lake nearby - check - suicide spot - check, ghost stories - check”)

Aokigahara is not only a famous suicide spot ever since a novel about lovers taking their lives in the woods, it was always associated with demon stories and a spot for yurei (which are the ghosts appearing in Zero after all) and it’s said to be an extremely thick forest.

Fatal Frame has done this before after all with the second game Akai Chou just like Siren sharing similarities with Sugisawa Village (Minakami Village just like Sugisawa Village is said to have vanished from the maps and appears randomly). Many people seem to think that the first game is based on a true story however it is much more vague regarding real inspiration than Akai Chou and the new game.

I’m also interested in the solar deity worshipped on Hikamiyama.
In the first Zero game the shrine in which Kirie was sacrificed with the Strangling Ritual was a moon shrine and dedicated to Tsukuyomi.
The beach in the fourth game Tsukihami no Kamen was called Tsukuyomi beach and the moon was a big theme due to the Getsuyuu/Lunar Sedata Syndrome.
Thus I think the new shrine in the fifth game could be dedicated to Amaterasu (which would make most sense).

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Living Legend Britney Spears tweets to herself pretending to be her dog

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